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May, 2020

At Home Training Resources

Good morning everyone!
I wasn't sure what our club members had to do during our time off here but I put together a few videos of some work that they can do on their own.  If you could please forward the following message to the club members with these attachments I would appreciate it.  I think it will be beneficial for those that wish to train on their own.

1) FIFA 11 warm-up.  This is a warm-up just to get the body acclimated.  It is also very beneficial to use in order to prevent injury.  It's recommended to perform this at least twice a week for injury prevention.  Typically you hold each stretch for around 3 seconds.
2) Next would be keeping the same setup as FIFA 11 but it adds some agility, foot work and fitness to the equation.  Players can choose to do as many as they'd like.  You can either choose the amount of reps you'd like to do or perform the same pattern for 30 seconds, 1 minute, 2 minutes, etc.  A ball is also added to work on your foot skills and control with the ball utilizing forward, backwards and lateral sole rolls.  As with everything, start slow until you build confidence and control with the ball and then add speed. Try to keep your head up during this.  If doing this with a partner, have them hold cones in the air for you to identify, if you don't have cones, hold up fingers.
3) This video explains the setup and the end of the previous video where you dribble to a certain cone/marker, leave the ball there, back peddle to a certain cone/marker and attempt to strike/pass through gate.  You can try X amount of times with your left only, X amount of times with your right only, etc.  You can also time yourself to see how many you can make in 1 minute, 2 minutes, etc. BEFORE you strike a ball, 4 technical pieces need to be considered, is your foot planted towards your target?  Are you opening your hips?  Is your ankle locked and your foot in dorisflexion (pointed upwards)? Finally, are you following through?
4) Next is a juggling warm up leading into a routine.  I started with a tennis ball and then a smaller sized ball building to a size 5 ball.  If not all of those resources are possessed then just use whatever you have to work on your touch.  The juggling routine I didn't film but I explained is 200 touches with your non-dominant foot, 100 with your dominant, 10-10 juggles in a row, 2-25 juggles in a row.  The 200 and 100 touches don't have to be in a row.  You can end with attempting your personal best 5 times.  You can time this to track and see how much better you get at juggling each time you attempt it.
5) The final video is made up of some ball work skills in order to improve your dribbling and 1 v 1 skills.  Try to keep your head up while doing these.
1st- Pull back, push across, touch, repeat opposite foot
2nd- Pull back, touch inside right, touch inside left, inside right, inside left, repeat opposite
3rd- Pull back, inside, outside, repeat opposite foot
4th- Pull back (with your inside foot) touch outside, inside, repeat opposite foot
5th- Pull back L, pull the ball back behind your heel, next touch is with the outside of your foot
6th-Scissors/step overs
6)  Also,  here is a technical warm-up from a couple of players that I trained years ago.  Ideally it's best to have a partner, if not, utilize a wall to play off of.  You don't necessarily need hoops to do this, you can use cones or any two objects to create an area to touch through. (a 4-legged chair could work)
Thank you and hopefully we can return to a field soon!
Thank you,
Roman Nardozi
Director of Elite Development Academy and Competitive Coach, Pittsburgh Football Club
Head Coach, Keystone Oaks Girls Varsity Soccer
Logistics Coordinator, R&R Express
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