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Note: Game details are updated nightly.
DateHome TeamAway TeamTimeLocation/Field
09/13/2020Mt. Lebanon - U11B - SmithFayette County Solarchick - B201012:00AM - 12:01AM 
09/13/2020Chartiers Valley -B2010-LacekKOU U11 Boys Wawrzeniak12:00AM - 12:01AM 
09/20/2020Chartiers Valley -B2010-LacekFayette County Solarchick - B201012:00AM - 12:01AM 
09/20/2020KOU U11 Boys WawrzeniakWCYSA BW Vipperman12:00AM - 12:01AM 
09/27/2020WCYSA BW VippermanFayette County Solarchick - B201012:00AM - 12:01AM 
10/04/2020Peters Twp B2010 Black TsiprasKOU U11 Boys Wawrzeniak12:00AM - 12:01AM 
10/04/2020Mt. Lebanon - U11B - SmithChartiers Valley -B2010-Lacek12:00AM - 12:01AM 
10/11/2020WCYSA BW VippermanMt. Lebanon - U11B - Smith12:00AM - 12:01AM 
10/11/2020Fayette County Solarchick - B2010Peters Twp B2010 Black Tsipras12:00AM - 12:01AM 

Note: Highlighted Team(s) belong to Divisions expired before specified Match Date.


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