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The Association shall be known as Keystone Oaks Area Youth Soccer and shall be referred to as K.O.A.Y.S. in the following articles.



Article 1: Goals of K.O.A.Y.S.

K.O.A.Y.S. is a non-profit organization with the express goal of teaching, playing and promoting the sport of Soccer in our communities. To Instruct the Athletes in all aspects of the Game of Soccer (Rules, Strategy, skills, etc….) in the context of a recreational league. Further, K.O.A.Y.S. seeks to instill the Ethic of Good Sportsmanship in all Participants, Athletes, Coaches, Parents and Fans.

The Game will be Taught and Played primarily for Fun, Winning is Secondary.


Article 2: Geographic Area Served

K.O.A.Y.S. exists to serve the youth soccer needs primarily of residents from the Keystone Oaks School District (Green Tree, Dormont and Castle Shannon boroughs).  However, participation is open to residents of other surrounding communities as well.  


Article 3: Membership

Any parent(s) of a player currently registered or registered within the last calendar year is considered a member of K.O.A.Y.S. Any Board Member either elected, or appointed is also considered a member.


Article 4: Governance

Section 1 - K.O.A.Y.S. shall be governed by a Board of Directors in accordance with its Constitution and Bylaws.An attempt will always be made to have representatives of all communities on the board. All offices held within K.O.A.Y.S. are strictly voluntary.

Section 2 - Officers of the Board shall consist of a: President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, Registrar, Development Coordinator, Field and Equipment Manager, Dormont Inhouse Coordinator and Greentree Inhouse Coordinator.


Section 3 -Terms of Office

Length of term: Elected Board Members serve a term of two (2) years. No elected officer may serve more than 2 terms in any position. The term of office shall begin immediately after voting has occurred and the results of the election are finalized. The term shall run until the November General Meeting of the second following calendar year.


Resignation and Filling Incomplete terms: Resignations shall be written and submitted (an e-mail is acceptable) to the entire board. A Special Membership meeting will be called to fill an empty position within one month of the resignation of the board member. Members elected to fill vacated positions will serve until the end of the replaced member’s term.


Interim Board Member: A board member may be named in the interim by the Board of Directors. A board member currently serving in another capacity may be appointed in the interim provided that no officer holds more than two positions at any time. In the case that K.O.A.Y.S. is unable to elect a board member to fill a vacancy, then the interim board member may continue in this position, provided that there are no more than three such interim board members at any one time.


Removal from board: A board member may be removed from office if the board member fails to qualify as a member as provided for in the Bylaws, for malfeasance or neglect of duty including absence for three successive monthly Board meetings.


Section 4- Appointed Positions

Additional positions may be appointed by the Board of Directors to assist in the operation of the organization.  Appointed positions include those requiring special qualifications or certifications and/or committee positions. Appointed positions may be created without the need to amend the K.O.A.Y.S. bylaws.  K.O.A.Y.S. membership is not required to hold an appointed position.



Article 5: Voting

A majority vote of those members eligible to vote and in attendance is needed for passage of any item in a General Membership Meeting or Special Membership meeting.

  • Every K.O.A.Y.S. member gets 1 vote per call of a vote.

  • Every Committee member gets 1 vote per call of a vote in committee.

  • Each Board Member has one (1) vote per call of a vote in Executive Board meetings.

A vote, in the General or Special Membership meeting, can only be called by a board member; a quorum is required to conduct business and is constituted as half of the elected officers plus one.



Article 6: Amendments to the Constitution and/or Bylaws

Amendments to the constitution can be made by the following procedure: The board must vote by a two-thirds majority to make any change. Once such change has been accepted by the board it must be made public by posting on the K.O.A.Y.S. website and with a notice regarding the change to the entire membership via e-mail. Changes must remain on the website for 2 weeks and can then be voted on at a General Membership Meeting or a Special Membership meeting. Amendments must be voted on section by section and not as a slate of changes. A majority of members in attendance is required to enact board approved amendments to the constitution.



Article 7: Meetings

The club will meet consistently to address its needs. A minimum of two (2) General Membership meetings will be held annually. One of the two meetings will be held in November for elections. Committees will meet according to their determined need. The Board of Directors will meet as needed.



Article 8: Types of Play Administered

Section 1: Inhouse Play

Statement of Purpose: The in-house program exists to provide an introduction to soccer for younger players.  The scope of the in-house program consists of:

No win-lost records will be kept, no playoffs will be held, and no placement awards given.

Additionally, no age group will include more than two years of age. (i.e. U5/U6, U7/U8, U9/U10 age groupings).

An atmosphere shall be created in practice and in games where the emphasis is on fun, enjoyment and increased knowledge of the sport, while reducing the pressure of winning.

In-house programs may be developed to implement PA West guidelines in the skill development of younger players. Unbalanced teams shall be reassigned.

K.O.A.Y.S. will comply as possible with United States Youth Soccer Association recommended guidelines.

In-house league play will consist of play either entirely within a single Keystone Oaks borough or with other Keystone Oaks boroughs regardless of their participation in K.O.A.Y.S.  


Section 2: Travel Play

Statement of Purpose: The travel program exists to continue the development of players at an older age.

The prime objective of travel teams remains  the enjoyment of playing and learning the game.

The playing level for each team, but not composition, should be selected to ensure appropriate levels of competition.

Teams shall be organized by year of birth. To the maximum extent possible, teams should be organized to achieve a single year of birth on each team. Efforts will be made to include players who are in the same grade but may not be within the same age grouping.

Tryouts should be avoided. However, evaluations may be used to place players on appropriate to their skill level.

Reassignment of players from established teams to new teams will be by explicit decision of the club officers only. Team shopping will not be allowed.

On a case by case basis, a player may be reassigned by the club officers for urgent personal reasons.

When openings exist on existing teams they will be filled before new teams can be established.

When sufficient players, born in the same year (as determined by PA West guidelines), are available to form a travel team, the club officers shall appoint a coach and assign the team players.

Travel Team rostering will take place in the following manner:

Returning players (who played in the directly preceding season) will be assigned to teams first. This does not guarantee a specific team placement. This only guarantees that a player will be placed on a roster.

All other players will be assigned on a “first come, first served” basis.

No spots on a roster will be “saved” for players in a preceding season. When a spot is available on a roster, the spot will be filled with an age appropriate player.

Only after age appropriate players are placed on roster spots will players be considered for “playing up.”

Playing up is allowed but not encouraged. Playing up will only occur with the agreement of the player’s parents.

No player will play up more than 1 age group.

All rostering decision of players will abide by the above guidelines and be the primary responsibility of the registrar. All rosters must be approved by the board.

Players that register after the registration deadline will be placed on teams as spots are available. Players that are “playing up” will not be removed from a roster for a late registrant unless by the agreement of the parents of the player that would be moved.


Players can be rostered on multiple teams but must designate one team as their primary team. Failure to be an active member of the primary team will result in removal of the roster from any and all secondary teams. A primary team must be in the players age appropriate year.

If sufficient players born in the same year are available to form two teams, the club officers shall organize two teams.

If sufficient players are available the club officers shall form single gender teams.

A team formed of two age groups (e.g. U13/U14) should be reviewed each fall with the objective of achieving a single year of birth on each team.

All players shall be assigned if practical. Team sizes may be above the ideal to ensure everyone participates.

Player "raiding" and other destructive competition between teams runs counter to the best interests of the club and will not be allowed.


Article 9: Coaches

Section 1: Certifications

Qualification for coaches shall be established and administered by the Board. If at all possible, coaches should be certified in accordance with PA West guidelines. Travel team coaches should be level F or above, and new coaches are expected to pursue certification. Club representatives shall develop and make available training for all coaches particularly new coaches.


Section 2: Discipline and Removal

Unsportsmanlike behavior will be cause for removal by the board. Coaches receiving one red card shall speak to the President in regard to the infraction; coaches receiving an additional red card will meet with the Board of Directors to assess the situation and address it accordingly. Further infractions shall be cause for immediate dismissal or reassignment.


Section 3: Behavior

Coaches as representatives of the soccer club are expected to behave as gentlemen or ladies at all times. Dissatisfaction with the performance of referees shall be handled after the games by protests or formal complaints to PA West if appropriate. The club officers shall support legitimate protests or complaints.



Article 10: Players

Section 1: Inclusion

It is the objective of the club to develop the appreciation of soccer in all, without limiting access to the program to any. The opportunity shall be afforded to all without consideration of race, color, gender, sexual orientation or identification, creed, religion, country of national origin, or player ability. This shall be limited only by practicality. If the potential player cannot be accommodated practically within K.O.A.Y.S. teams, an effort will be made to place that player in another organization for the season.


Section 2: Player Assignments

All player assignments will be by the club officers or their designees.


Section 3: Playing up an Age Level

Except with approval of the club officers, no player may play above his age group. Efforts will be made to include players who are in the same grade but may not be within the same age grouping.


Section 4: Player Problems

Disposition of player problems shall be the responsibility of the coach. Appeals may be made only to the club officers.

Section 5: Age & Grade Continuity

To the maximum extent possible each team will be composed of players born in the same playing year as defined by PA West and within the same grade. This is to develop the maximum possible continuity in teams over the years.


Section 6: Assignment Rule Exceptions

Exceptions to the player assignment rule will be allowed on a case by case basis by the club officers only.


Section 7: Removal of a Player

Players may be dismissed from a team only for consistent and unreasonable disruptive behavior, use of foul language, acts of violence, acts of intimidation or defiance of authority.



Article 11: Grievances, Hearings and Appeals

K.O.A..S. shall form a disciplinary committee of a minimum of three (3) members to hear grievances and appeals to disciplinary action. This committee shall nominally be chaired by the President of K.O.A..S. or their designee.



Article 12: Miscellaneous

Use of fields after precipitation has occurred will be at the discretion of the Field and Equipment Manager or their designee.


Drinking is not acceptable at club events which involve children. Players, coaches and referees obviously under the influence of alcohol will not be allowed to participate in club events. Any contact with drugs shall be referred to the local police and those persons will be banned from club.


Practice games which are not on the league schedule do not take precedence over scheduled practices. Practice games are scheduled by the Field and Equipment Manager with the agreement of the selected coach.


Make-up games take precedence over practices. They must however be scheduled through the Field and Equipment Manager.


Field assignments shall be made by the Field and Equipment Manager.

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