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Keystone Oaks Area Youth Soccer Club (K.O.A.Y.S.)  Bylaws


Chapter 1. Board Members and Regular Members.

1.1 K.O.A.Y.S. shall have only one class of members. All members shall have the same rights, privileges, restrictions and conditions.


1.2 K.O.A.Y.S. is a volunteer service organization whose membership will be open to qualified individuals willing to work actively in achieving the stated purposes of K.O.A.Y.S. To qualify as a member an individual must be either:

  1.2.1 An adult coach, assistant coach, team manager, volunteer referee, or providers of

   other support services.

1.3 Qualified individuals may be admitted as members at any time during the seasonal year.

1.4 K.O.A.Y.S. shall keep an attendance log for each membership meeting containing the name, address and telephone number of each member. The attendance log shall be kept by the Secretary.

1.5 The membership of a member shall terminate upon the occurrence of any of the following events:

1.5.1 Upon his or her written notice of termination submitted to the President or the  Secretary of K.O.A.Y.S. personally or by mail, such membership will terminate upon the date of submission.


1.5.2 Continuous and willful violation of the provisions of the Bylaws and the rules of the club as determined by the Board of Directors provided that such decision maybe appealed under the provisions outlined in Chapter 5 of these Bylaws.


1.5.3 Commission and conviction of criminal activity which the State of Pennsylvania considers inimical to working with children.


1.5.4 The member does not have a child that has played for any K.O.A.Y.S. team in the past calendar year.

1.6 Membership may be reinstated if the former member qualifies as provided herein and that the former member's termination was not caused by section 1.5.3 of these By-Laws.

1.7 All rights of a member in K.O.A.Y.S. shall cease upon the termination of membership as provided herein.


1.8 Those member described in this amendment as having "full voting rights" are entitled to vote on any issues nominated for a vote by the board of the K.O.A.Y.S.

Chapter 2. Meetings

2.1 Meeting Types:

2.1a: General Meetings

There shall be at least two (2) General membership meetings called per year. All members in good standing are eligible to vote. These meetings shall be in November and May. The meeting date and the agenda shall be announced at least two (2) weeks prior to the said meeting. All issues may be voted on at a General Membership meeting.


2.1b: Board of Directors Meetings

There shall be one Board of Directors meeting per month during the Seasonal Year.  The date, time and place of monthly meetings may be changed by a majority vote of the Board of Directors provided that all members are given forty-eight (48) hours notice of such changes. Meeting date and agenda to be announced at least 1 week prior to the scheduled meeting. All members are encouraged to attend all meetings.


2.1c: Special Membership Meetings

Special membership meetings may be called at anytime with the board's approval. All members in good standing are eligible to vote. The meeting date and agenda shall be announced at least two (2) weeks prior to said meeting. Special membership meetings are to be called only for the specific purpose of voting for elected positions that have been vacated prior to the end of their term and/or making amendments to the constitution.


2.1d: Organizational Meetings

Organizational Meetings can be called at any time. Meeting date and agenda to be announced at least 1 week prior to the said meeting.  Organizational meetings will be only for providing information to the general membership and may not include voting items on the agenda.


2.1e: Committee Meetings

Committee meetings are considered to be meetings outside of the normal operations of the committee in which organizational decisions are made.  Committee meetings will be held with 1(one) week notice to the board of directors, the committee membership and the membership. A vote in committee is not final. It is considered to be a recommendation by the committee to the board. Such committee votes must be approved by the board by a two thirds vote prior to being brought to the floor for a vote by the membership.


2.2 The regular monthly board meetings will be held to determine policies and procedures not otherwise specified in these Bylaws provided that:


2.2.1 The December meeting shall include a consideration of the upcoming year's budget.   


2.2.2 Elections of officers whose tenures expire at the end of the seasonal year shall be held at the November meeting provided that nominations are made at least one meeting before elections are held.

2.3 The Agenda for each meeting shall be determined by the President of the Board of Directors.

2.3.1 New Business may be included in the Agenda on approval of a majority of the Board of Directors.


2.3.2 Matters not included on the Agenda may be brought up on the floor during any meeting provided that two-thirds of the members present and voting agree to do so and that a quorum of officers to conduct or to continue to conduct a meeting exists.


2.4 Special meetings may be called by written petition by at least five members of good standing or by at least three officers, provided that all members are given forty eight (48) hours notice of the time, place and purpose of the meeting.

2.5 A minimum of one half the number of elected officers plus one (1) (the number if not whole to be rounded to the closest lower whole number) is needed in order to conduct either a regular or a special meeting.


2.6 Every act or decision done or made by a majority of voting members present in person at a duly held meeting at which a quorum of officers is present is an act of the members, unless the Constitution, these Bylaws, or provisions of law require a greater number.


2.7 Voting Rights:

  2.7.1 Each member is entitled to one vote on each matter submitted to a vote by the



 2.7.2 Voting at duly held meetings shall be by voice vote. Voting by written ballot may be

   authorized by a vote of a two-thirds (2/3) majority of the Board of Directors present.


2.8  Board meetings shall be presided over by the President or in his absence by the Vice President or in his absence by a chair chosen by a majority of voting board members. The Secretary shall act as the secretary of all meetings of members provided that in the secretary's absence, the presiding officer shall appoint another person to act as the Secretary of the meeting. The officer presiding during a meeting shall not be allowed to cast a vote except to break a tie.


2.9 Unless otherwise provided for in the Constitution and these By-Laws, or otherwise agreed to by the membership, Robert's Rules of Order shall be deemed to be adopted at all meetings conducted by K.O.A.Y.S.


2.10 Rules of Conduct: The President shall conduct all Board, General and Special meetings of the membership and shall have the right to close off or limit debate on any business when and if such debate becomes repetitive and/or unduly lengthy, provided however, no member shall be denied the right to speak constructively on any matter properly brought before any meeting.



Chapter 3. Elected Officers. Duties and Responsibilities

The following officers will collectively constitute the “Board of Directors of K.O.A.Y.S”:


3.1 The President shall:

a) Preside at all K.O.A.Y.S. meetings and Board of Directors meetings.

b) Represent K.O.A.Y.S. in all activities requiring the official presence of K.O.A.Y.S. He may appoint a representative in such activities.

c) Ensure that all matters approved by the membership are carried out in the manner prescribed. At no time shall the president undertake a project or make decisions regarding policies and budgetary matters without the approval of the Board of Directors.

d) Co-Sign checks for K.O.A.Y.S.

e) Sign all contracts on behalf of K.O.A.Y.S.

f) Manage and be responsible for an amount of money set aside by the Board of Directors for administrative matters.

g) Be a member of all permanent committees.


3.2 The Vice President shall:

a) Assume the President's duties whenever the President is unable to carry out his/her duties.

b) Co-sign checks for K.O.A.Y.S when either the Treasurer or the President is unable to do so.

c) Work with the boroughs on projects requiring borough approval and/or borough resources. Attend borough meetings to promote K.O.A.Y.S. soccer as needed.


3.3 The Secretary shall:

a) Keep accurate records of the minutes of K.O.A.Y.S's meetings.

b) Attend to all the correspondences of the K.O.A.Y.S. and keep accurate records of such.

c) Keep and maintain K.O.A.Y.S.'s membership log.

d) Keep and maintain all the official documents of K.O.A.Y.S. including but not limited to the official copies of the Constitution. these bylaws, the Rules and Regulations, and all PA WEST rules and regulations.

e) Chair the Constitution, By-laws and Rules committee.


3.4 The Treasurer shall:

a) Process vouchers, collect debts and fees owed K.O.A.Y.S., maintain bookkeeping records and co-sign checks for the K.O.A.Y.S.

b) Maintain the necessary bank accounts as authorized by the membership

c) Prepare and submit financial reports to the membership at each regular meeting.   

d) Submit financial records of K.O.A.Y.S. for audit upon completion of his/her term

e) Chair of the Budget and Finance committee.


3.5 The Dormont In-House Coordinator shall:

a) Organize and coordinate all In-House leagues authorized by the membership ensuring strict adherence to the Rules and Regulations of K.O.A.Y.S.

b) Recommend to the Board of Directors for its approval Age Group coordinators, coaches and assistant coaches for the In-House programs

c) Schedule fields and be primarily responsible for field conditions for the in-house program.

d) Be a member of the budget and finance committee.


3.6 The Greentree In-House Coordinator shall:

a) Organize and coordinate all In-House leagues authorized by the membership ensuring strict adherence to the Rules and Regulations of K.O.A.Y.S.

b) Recommend to the Board of Directors for its approval Age Group coordinators, coaches and assistant coaches for the In-House programs

c) Schedule fields and be primarily responsible for field conditions for the in-house program.

d) Be a member of the budget and finance committee.


3.7 The Registrar shall;

a) Be responsible for collecting player sign-up forms, verifying birth dates, approving player and team registration forms ensuring that all registration matters are consistent with PA WEST rules and policies and registering all players and coaches with PA WEST.

b) Be responsible for the upload of data to the Affinity site as necessary.

c) Keep and maintain all player and coach records including all yellow and red cards issued to travel players.

d) Make recommendations to the board regarding player rostering and team formation.

e) Be the chair of the Registration committee.


3.8 The Coach and Player Development Coordinator shall:

a) Actively pursue opportunities for player and coach development, including arranging for participation in clinics and investigate the use of outside trainers for player development.

b) Organize certifications for coaches in accordance with PA West.

c) Chair the Coach and Player Development committee.


3.9 The Field and Equipment Manager shall:

a) Maintain an inventory of all K.O.A.Y.S. equipment.

b) Oversee distribution of equipment to coaches prior to a season.

c) Oversee the return of all equipment from coaches after a season.

d) Be responsible for the condition of K.O.A.Y.S. fields and for ensuring that proper equipment (e.g. goals) is available.

e) Secure and maintain field permits.

f) Schedule games and practices.

g) Oversee/direct field lining.

h) Jersey and uniform procurement.


Chapter 4. Committees and Appointed Committee Positions  

K.O.A.Y.S. shall provide for the following Permanent Committees. These committees will not necessarily be operative at all times, but will be formed and activated as deemed necessary by the Board of Directors.

4.1 The Executive Committee chaired by the President and comprised of Board Members of K.O.A.Y.S. shall:

a) Oversee all activities of the K.O.A.Y.S. on a day-to-day basis including the handling of correspondence, resolution of problems and approving the payment of bills and obligations of the K.O.A.Y.S. which do not exceed budgetary limitations set by the Council.

b) Make Executive decisions and actions necessary for the smooth running of the K.O.A.Y.S. and which cannot by their nature await the next Board of Directors meeting provided that one third of the members of the Executive Committee do not request that the decision be referred to the Board of Directors at a regular or special meeting. Such decisions may be overturned by a majority of the Board of Directors at its next regularly scheduled meeting.

c) Prepare the agenda for each K.O.A.Y.S. meeting. The executive committee shall have sole authority to include matters for discussion by K.O.A.Y.S. at its regular meetings except as provided herein.


d) Appoint committee chairs unless otherwise provided for in these By-Laws.


e) Approve all appointments of Coaches, Assistant Coaches, Managers, Age Commissioners.


f) The Executive committee shall meet as needed in order to carry out its responsibilities. All members shall be duly notified by the secretary of such meetings. A quorum as defined for K.O.A.Y.S. meetings is required for business to be conducted.

4.2. The Budget and Finance committee chaired by the Treasurer and comprised of at the minimum those officers defined to be ex-officio members viz. President. In-­House coordinators;

a) Prepare and submit an annual Budget in December.

b) Consider and recommend actions on any changes in the player fee structure and referee pay structure.

c) Consider and recommend any budgetary matters that were not included in the annual budget approved.

d) Be responsible for acquiring all supplies and equipment necessary for the operation of K.O.A.Y.S.

e) Have approved and/or report all expenditures to the President and the Board of Directors.


4.3 The Referee Coordinator shall:

a) This position requires a yearly certification by PA West and such certification will be a prerequisite for holding the position.

b) Be responsible for recruiting and training referees for both the in-house and travel programs.

c) Be the Chief referee assignor for all in-house and travel games. He or she may delegate these responsibilities.

d) Recommend a referee fee structure to the membership for its approval.

e) Be a member of the Budget and Finance committee.


4.4 The Webmaster shall:

a) Be responsible for the maintenance and operation of on the internet.

b) Be responsible for forwarding correspondence received via the

web site to the appropriate individuals.

c) Be responsible for overseeing the on-line registration system.   


4.5 The Constitution By-laws and Rules Committee chaired by the Secretary and having at least two other members appointed by the Secretary shall:              

a) Consider and recommend amendments to K.O.A.Y.S.’ Constitution and Bylaws.

b) Ensure that actions taken by K.O.A.Y.S. are consistent with the Constitution and By-Laws.


4.6 The Publicity and Public Relations Committee chaired by an officer or member appointed by the President and approved by the Board of Directors shall:   

a) Be responsible for developing and maintaining a good relationship with the media.

b) Publish game results.

c)  Announce special events or activities.

d)  Prepare newsletter for coaches and parents.


4.7 The Fund Raising, Special Events, and Sponsors committee:

a) Develop, implement and supervise fund raising programs for K.O.A.Y.S. provided that such programs are approved by the membership.

b) Solicit sponsors for K.O.A.Y.S.’s programs and ensure that these sponsors are properly recognized.

c) Provide/suggest new fund-raising opportunities

d) Oversee/direct any special (non-game, non-practice) activities

associated with the Association including, but not limited to, awards

ceremonies, picnics, etc…


4.8 The Registration Committee chaired by the Registrar shall:

a) Organize and coordinate registration dates for players.

b) Assist the registrar in the registration of players and the validation of their birth dates.


4.9 The Fields and Schedule Committee chaired by one of the The Field and Equipment Manager or the In-house Coordinator:

a) Be responsible for obtaining the necessary permits for fields and gyms needed for K.O.A.Y.S.’s programs.

b) Make field assignments for practices and games.

c) Ensure that all fields are properly lined and safe to play on. The committee chair or his appointed representative shall be responsible for deciding on the propriety of the use of fields for games and/or practices consistent with the Standing Rules ensuring that this decision is also consistent with the regulations set forth by the authority which issues the necessary permits.


4.10 The Equipment and Uniforms committee chaired by the The Field and Equipment Manager shall be responsible for the acquisition, maintenance, storage and distribution of field equipment (goals, balls, etc.) and uniforms for both the In-House and Travel programs.


4.11 The Coach and Player Development Committee chaired by the The Coach and Player Development Coordinator shall assist the coordinator in organizing clinics and player evaluations.


4.12 The Board of Directors may from time to time establish special committees to consider specific matters.



Chapter 5. Disciplinary Actions and Appeals.

K.O.A.Y.S. recognizes the rights of its members to have a fair hearing regarding any matter of discipline. K.O.A.Y.S. also recognizes the right of its members to appeal any decision made by the K.O.A.Y.S. Board of Directors pertaining to them directly. A Disciplinary Hearing will be conducted whenever a dispute arises between players, coaches, volunteers, or parents/guardians that cannot be resolved by the parties involved, and for alleged violations of K.O.A.Y.S. rules and policies. The K.O.A.Y.S. President will determine if enough evidence exists to bring the matter before the Board of Directors for a disciplinary hearing.


Disciplinary Matters

All disciplinary hearings shall be held using the following procedures: All hearings shall be heard by a quorum of the voting members of the K.O.A.Y.S. Board of Directors at a regular monthly meeting. At the discretion of the President, an emergency meeting of the Board of Directors may be scheduled to address emergency matters. The accused shall be notified in writing (hardcopy and electronic, if available) as to the date, time, location and reason for the hearing. The notice shall also include any witnesses who will testify against the accused. The notice shall be sent by electronic mail if available and certified United States Postal mail, and will be postmarked no less than 14 days prior to the scheduled hearing date. Failure of the accused to appear at the hearing without written notification to the K.O.A.Y.S. President may constitute an automatic judgment against that individual (s). The accused shall have the right to present evidence in defense (including but not limited to witnesses), and to confront their accuser(s). If witnesses are to give verbal testimony during the hearing on behalf of the accused, the names of such witnesses must be presented to the President of the K.O.A.Y.S. Board of Directors 7 days prior to the hearing date. The decision based upon the hearing will be made in a private session of the K.O.A.Y.S. Board of Directors. All parties involved will be notified of the decision at the earliest possible time. Formal notification signed by the President of K.O.A.Y.S. shall be mailed to all parties involved by certified mail within 10 days of the hearing date. The decision will include the rationale behind the Board's decision including relevant evidence supporting this rationale.


Appeal of disciplinary hearings shall be held using the following procedures: Appeals of disciplinary matters shall be made in writing by certified mail to the K.O.A.Y.S. Board of Directors within ten (10) days of the formal notification via certified mail. The Board of Directors will address the issue at the next scheduled monthly meeting or at a time determined by the K.O.A.Y.S. President in emergency situations. The appeal hearing must afford all parties involved the same privileges as outlined in the disciplinary hearings section of this item. The appeal hearing will not be held solely to reexamine the evidence, but to correct perceived errors in the Board of Directors' understanding of particular points of evidence that might have significantly affected their decision. New evidence may be admitted at the discretion of the K.O.A.Y.S. President if it is likely to result in a reversal of the Board's decision. The findings of the appeal hearing shall be mailed by certified mail within 10 days of the hearing date. As is the case for the primary decision, the appeal decision will include all evidence considered, the reasoning for the decision, and will be signed by the K.O.A.Y.S. President. All decisions of the Board of Directors upon completion of any appeal will be final.


Non-disciplinary Matters

Non-disciplinary disputes will be handled with the same procedures and timelines as outlined above, with the parties presenting their cases and with the K.O.A.Y.S. Board of Directors serving as the mediator. Failure of any party to appear at the hearing without written notification to the K.O.A.Y.S. President may constitute an automatic judgment against that party(s). A list of witnesses for both parties must be submitted to the K.O.A.Y.S. President 7 days prior the hearing, who will then distribute the lists to all persons involved. Decisions of the Board of Directors upon completion of any appeal will be final.



Chapter 6. Conflict of Interest

6.1 No contract or other decision shall be affected by the fact that a member or an officer may benefit personally from such transactions provided that such member or officer disclose such interest and exempts himself or herself from the deliberations and voting affecting said contract or transaction.

6.2 No officer or member may vote on a disciplinary matter made against said office.



Chapter 7. Amendments, Repeal or Suspension of the By-Laws

7.1 These By-Laws may be amended, repealed or suspended in whole or in part by two thirds vote of the Board of Directors at any duly called meeting of the K.O.A.Y.S. provided that such action is submitted in writing to the Board in a timely manner so that the it may submit the proposed action for inclusion during the next K.O.A.Y.S. meeting.



Chapter 8. Risk Management

K.O.A.Y.S. recognizes the need for a comprehensive risk management program to protect the club and its members. The K.O.A.Y.S. Board of Directors will serve as a risk management committee to oversee the implementation and adherence to these guidelines, as well as continue the development and improvement of the club’s risk management program.


a) The K.O.A.Y.S. Board of Directors will approve the participation of each coach and volunteer based upon the known character of the individual. Prior to participation, each adult will be required to sign a US Youth Soccer Employment/Volunteer Disclosure Statement to document that the individual testifies to not having been convicted of a crime of violence, or a crime against another person. These statements will be updated every two (2) years. Should it come to the Board's knowledge that an individual may not be suited to serve in a particular capacity with the K.O.A.Y.S., (for example, if it becomes known that he/she provided false information on the Disclosure Statement), that person will be subject to disciplinary review and/or removal from their position.


b) It is recommended that coaches and volunteers should have at least one adult with them at all times when working with children. The club recommends one adult for every six children.


c) K.O.A.Y.S. will use the following safety standards for all games and practices:

1. All goals shall be anchored at all times when in use. Goals shall be properly stored and secured when not in use. Coaches who violate this process shall be subject to disciplinary action. Field end lines and sidelines will be clearly marked with painted lines, cones, flags, or a combination of the three.

2. The field shall be checked for debris and uneven playing surface collectively by all coaches and referees participating in the scheduled practice or game. Debris shall be cleared before use and the participating coaches and referees will determine if the field is safe for soccer activity. Disagreement which cannot be resolved among coaches and referees present as to the safety of the field will result in postponement of the scheduled event.

3. The area surrounding the field including, but not limited to parking and spectator seating areas, shall also be checked for potential hazards. K.O.A.Y.S. will assume no responsibility for unsafe behavior of parents or spectators during K.O.A.Y.S. events (games/practices) at facilities deemed safe for play.

4. Coaches and referees will have the responsibility to continuously monitor the weather. At the first sighting of lightning all children will be moved to a safe place indoors or to vehicles. Parents and spectators will be advised to seek shelter as well. Coaches and referees present will monitor the time of each lightning strike and resumption of activities may occur 30 minutes after the last lightning strike. In the event of thunder but no visible lightning, coaches and referees will determine whether seeking shelter is in order. Resumption of play will be contingent upon re-verification of safe field conditions by the coaches and referees present as outlined above.


d) The club shall work to develop and implement a financial policy to insure safe handling and recording of all club monies and assets.       


e) No expenditure of any K.O.A.Y.S. funds will be conducted without the prior approval of the Board of Directors. The President and/or the Executive committee may authorize expenditures in the event it is not feasible to await until the next scheduled meeting for approval. However, it will be contingent upon him/her/them to justify such expenditure(s) to the Board of Directors. All payments by check will require no less than two (2) appropriate signatures. Under no circumstances will officers with familial or business relationships be permitted to cosign checks.

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